How to gain weight naturally ?

There is a rising trend towards the widespread use of herbal medicines worldwide. Traditional health mixes especially Ayurveda health mixes from Kerala gained a lot of popularity. Herbal mass is all set to reach to more people who are worrying about how to gain weight naturally.

You could have ended up here due to any of the mentioned reasons

  • You would like put on some weight naturally and safely.
  • You are a Hard Gainer
  • You want a body transformation to happen in an efficient time bound manner.
  • You are under-weight.
  • You are suffering from lack of appetite.
  • You are reluctant to use conventional, non-organic weight gainers available in the market.
  • You are a strict Vegetarian.
  • You have been going to the gym for a pretty long time to gain weight without any visible results
  • You are reluctant to follow a restrictive diet to gain weight
  • You wanna bulk up and gain some size before a major event.
  • You are body conscious and feel that you are not big enough in the crowd
  • You are sick and tired of being called skinny.


  • Tried all kind of Protein powders and mass gainers
  • And yet you are resilient to believe that there is a natural solution
  • Your peers looks bigger than you
  • Your enemy looks bigger than you
  • Want to improve your self-confident by improving  physical appearance
  • Want to show off at your College /School/Workplace
  • Want to Impress your Girlfriend /Boyfriend

You are in the perfect place

Herbal mass is the ultimate solution for you …

Exhausted of thinking on ways to gain healthy weight?. Herbal mass health mix is a perfect combination of cereals, millet, pulses and root herbs to accelerate the processo f weight gain in a healthy and natural way by improving your appetite and digestive system. An organic concoction of herbs and cereals like Finger millet, Soybean, Withaniasomnifera (Ashwagandha), Velvet beans,Indian Kudju, Tribulusterrestris,Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Maize, Pearl Millet (Bajra), Barley, Green gram, Bengal gram, Navara rice, Horse gram, Black Gram, Sago seeds, Broken wheat, Almond, Pistachio, Cinnamon, Cashew nut, saffron Etc. This potent mixture will help you in enhancing the anabolic rate of your body to gain weight naturally. Herbal mass is enriched with protein, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins – all organic!.

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